Hero Electric on Thursday launched its latest product Flash priced at Rs 19,990 (ex-showroom, New Delhi). Hero Flash is a quick buy vehicle made with the concern of environment and the most affordable e-scooter in the country. The Flash is a great way to welcome new customers into the world of electric vehicles with its low upfront cost.

Hero Electric’s latest scooter opens up a new chapter with its incredibly low price tag of just Rs 19,990. The report sheet says that the Flash will be able to cover 65km on a single charge while charging it back to full should take about 6-8 hours. The 250W motor can help it attain a top speed of 25kmph. Juice comes from a 48V 20Ah lead-acid battery, which keeps the upfront cost low at the expense of a longer charging duration. The kerb weight of 87kg should make it easy even for women and teenagers to handle the scooter.

Having its top speed limited to 25kmph allows buyers to just pick it off the showroom floor like it was groceries. You don’t need registration or driver’s license. Insurance is optional too. What it means for you is that the ex-showroom price is its on-road price.

Hero Flash has been given a steady body and balanced design which makes is extremely easy for even beginners to ride with ease. The fact that Flash does not require a driving license or registration in order to drive it makes it extremely popular among the young, teenage demography.

Electric Motor:
Hero Flash features a 250 Watt Motor, coupled with a 48-volt, 20 Ah VRLA battery that covers a range of 65km/charge.

Hero Flash weighs only 87kgs and comes with features like alloy wheels, telescopic suspension and a full body crash guard.

Hero Flash is available in two beautiful colors of Red-Black and Silver-Black.