5G Enabled Samsung Galaxy S10, And Samsung Foldable F Phone To Be Launched In March 2019

A recent report gives us information about the Samsung Galaxy F Series phone which is expected to launch in March next year. The report also tells us that Samsung will launch its new flagship Galaxy S10 in March next year.

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The sneak of this new foldable smartphone of Samsung comes from the SDC 2018. The pricing of the Samsung Galaxy F foldable smartphones will be around $1770. The pricing of the Samsung 5G enabled S10 is not known yet.

The new 5G enabled Samsung Galaxy S10 variant along with the Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone will release in March in the coming year.

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The business head of Samsung, Koh Dong-jin earlier told that this foldable phone will come in the first half of 2019 and it is predicted that this foldable smartphone will come in the limited number of 1 million units. From SDC 2018, Samsung has announced that their foldable smartphone will sport a screen of 7.4-inch and a 4.6-inch screen when it is folded. It will act like a normal regular smartphone when it is folded.

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