Airoshine, a leading brand in air purification products is introducing the Airoshine A-808, a new line of air purifiers for cars in India in line with the increased health concerns with rapid degradation of air quality. It employs leading-edge technology in conformity to its promise of making lives healthier thus better. The product comes at a time when the festive season is around the corner and air purification becomes the need of the hour, the air quality index during this time is a lot higher against the prescribed limits. A-808 is well adept to deal with the issue and provide you with clean air.

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“Priced at INR 4,950, A-808 is total value for money. We have ensured its availability on all major eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and Besides car purifiers, we are also bringing to Indian homes room purifiers soon to achieve what we aim, battle poor indoor air quality affecting the health of our children and the lack of availability of high quality and effective air purification systems”, says Raghav Gupta, Airoshine CEO.

The A-808 comes with a unique 6 layer air filtration technology which includes the prefilter and a very effective HEPA filtration system. The activated carbon filter layer can effectively remove TVOC, smoke, odors and other elements. The product has been designed to provide clean and healthy air and can be plugged directly into the lighter charging point of any car. In addition, the A 808 also has been inbuilt with USB and Micro USB charging points for the convenience of its customers.

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The portable Airoshine A-808 is designed specifically for the highly polluted Indian conditions. While there are obvious concerns regarding the threats posed by the environment outdoors, the enclosed car cabin is not as safe as your expectations. Also, the firewall between a car’s engine and the interior isn’t as thick as many people assume, which leads to emissions leaking inside the car. Furthermore, closed windows don’t prevent outside pollution from seeping inside.

“Travel time on the road and air pollution have increased substantially over the years. Hence leading to an increased amount of time we spend in our cars daily. The pollutants inside their cars are much higher than outside on the road. Airoshine believes that even if you are not able to breathe clean air 100% of the time, it is essential to provide our lungs with clean air for as long as possible. This will enable them to recuperate and regenerate from the harsh environments they are constantly exposed to”, shares Gupta.

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The negative ion filter layer in Airoshine A-808, also known as “the vitamin in the air”, releases negatively charged ions in the air and has a dust suppression function. This machine produces an impressive 10 million anion per second. Additionally, features like low noise and touch buttons make it a highly efficient and user-friendly. The electric leakage protection factor vouches for customers’ safety. Interestingly, it doesn’t create Ozone, unlike other car purifiers which kill germs, viruses, and odours through the creation Ozone, which itself is a hazardous gas. Airoshine A-808 provides an exceptional air purification rate and the machines are engineered by highly trained technical staff and advanced quality control machines to deliver superior products and excellent customer experience.

Price: Rupees 4950/-*



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About Airoshine

Airoshine was started to battle poor indoor air quality affecting the health of our children, and the lack of availability of high quality and effective air purification systems at a reasonable price.

We at Airoshine are committed to providing you with the most advanced air purification products, enabling you and your family to live robust, healthy and stress-free lives.

Through the use of well-qualified engineers, highly trained technical staff and advanced quality control machines we strive to bring you superior quality, competitive pricing, prompt delivery and excellent customer service.