Apple Credit Card: All You Need To Know

Apple is going to launch a new credit card which iPhone users can easily sign up for, it is built right into the wallet app. It is going to work similar to the traditional cards in which Apple is partnering with Goldman Sach.

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Singing up for Apple credit card will be as easy as opening the wallet app by tapping on the Apple card interface and by following some easy steps. The users can use Apple card for Apple pay and non-apple pay purchases. The card is made entirely from Titanium comma because it is really etched with users name. Unlike other credit cards, in this, there is no card number or expiration date listed in the front and no CVV or signature at the back, by which on being stolen there will be not any risk of online purchasing.

Apple Credit Card: All You Need To Know

As like other credit cards, there will be a limit set up for the users to use the card which will depend on person to person and the payment will be done using a linked bank account on the Apple cash in the wallet app of the user. There will be no multiuser for a card. The perks of having Apple card is that users will not have to wait days a week for getting cash back as Apple will be providing daily cash on the purchasing and at the other hand It will be accepted everywhere in the world wherever MasterCard is available.

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For the purpose of privacy, Apple will be providing a unique card number on iPhone, the payment will be confirmed with face ID or touch ID along with a one-time security code. Apple card support will handle all the problems through message 24/7, all the users only have to send a text only.

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