DSLR VS GoPro: Which One To Buy?

DSLR is a Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera is the most popular digital camera available in the market which includes both optics and the mechanisms of a single-lens reflex camera along with a digital imaging sensor. These cameras uses interchangeable lenses. On other hand, GoPro cameras are the action camera which takes still photos with its ultra-wide-angle view with extreme sharpness along with it let you capture the scenes of your dreams by mounting it on a car, or put it on your guitar or you can wear it on your wrist or headband etc. Both of these cameras have its own importance and features. Here, in this article, we will compare the two cameras features which will guide you and will help you to buy the camera of your choice.

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Dimension And Weight

The GoPro camera comes in handy. They are compact. The small GoPro camera offers a variety of features such as portability, easy to carry, and can be placed anywhere. And their weight is almost low in comparison to the DSLR cameras. The DSLR cameras are bigger in size when compared to the GoPro cameras. The GoPro cameras are weights varies from 2.5 to 4.2 oz whereas the DSLR camera exists in 0.9 to 1.5 lb weight variance for the two nikons.


DSLR Waterproof Case
DSLR Waterproof Case

The GoPro cameras are specially designed to be waterproof. You can take underwater shots using the GoPro camera. But DSLR camera is not waterproof as they are complex and bulk in outside. But, waterproof cover is available for DSLR, but as the camera itself is so costly, that buying the cover for this bigger camera will increase the cost more.

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The DSLR camera has a larger lens which allows more light to enter. In addition to this, the camera features the options of interchangeable lenses which helps you to add big zoom for capturing details during capture, wide angle lenses for landscapes shoot along with low F-stops to create a blurred background. On the other hand, these GoPro camera sports a small/fixed lens. It also does not offer you the features of the interchangeable lenses.

Image Quality



The DSLR camera with its interchangeable lens offers a better picture quality in comparison to the GoPro camera. As the sensor of the GoPro camera is half the size of the sensor in the DSLR they capture half the details in comparison to the DSLR. In addition to this, the ISO setting in the DSLR facilitates superior image capture ability in low-light which is absent in the GoPro cameras.

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The DSLR cameras are costlier in comparison to the GoPro. The prices of the DSLR cameras starts from Rs.25,000 ($350) (Entry Level), And Pro level DSLRs cost around 2,00,000 ($2,810)-5,00,000 ($7,000) raising with the addition of the lenses. But, on the other hand, the latest model GoPro costs just Rs.32,000 ($450).


Both of these cameras: DSLR or the GoPro are the best on their own sense. The choice is up to you, which camera features or for what use you are buying the camera, or what features do you expect in the camera. So, one can select any one upon these two based on their preferences. If one needs a camera for a vacation or tour on or near beaches, they can go and purchase the GoPro which is waterproof and easy to carry as they are lightweight and portable. But, if one wishes to capture the details of the view and needs a perfect shot with good picture quality, they can go with the DSLR. In terms of pricing, GoPro comes in handy. So, One can go with their preferences what purpose they are buying the camera, they can select among these two.

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