On 20th May 2018 a tweet from an official-looking twitter account announced that “#ASUS #AREZ is coming to an end, #ROG is here to stay”. This tweet conveyed that Asus may no longer release Arez-branded AMD graphics cards and that Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand will stay. The announcement was made few weeks after the Nvidia pulled the plug on its notorious GeForce Partner Program. Thus, some people also started considering it one of the reasons for ASUS-AREZ to end. AREZ brand is specific to AMD GPUs which was a rebranding of the ASUS’s ROG (Republic of Gamers) brand. It was believed that ASUS introduced its AREZ brand after Nvidia announced its Geforce Partner Program (GPP). Also, when Nvidia dismissed the GPP program, ASUS quietly killed its AREZ Brand.

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The Arez brand is designed to effectively replace ASUS’s ROG (Republic of Gamers) brand for Radeon GPU. For instance, ASUS ROG Strix simply becomes Asus Arez Strix. All the other specifications and cooling designs remain intact in Arez.

Is ASUS Actually Killing Its AREZ Brand?

Lately, the ASUS-AREZ twitter account was proved fake and so does the news. Thus no change is going to be observed in AREZ branding. Also, on 22nd May 2018, the company announced that it is not making any changes to its AREZ brand. Thus, the AREZ-branded AMD graphics cards will be released.

In fact, the logo used by the twitter account @ASUS_AREZ was created by WCCFTech.com before Asus revealed the official Arez branding, and the cover photo was created by Videocardz for use in our original AREZ reveal pieces. The logo fonts are completely different.

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Also if we notice, then the actual ASUS-AREZ page still lists all the graphics cards. They have not been pulled off, which would have been the situation for the news to be true.

Although, the theoretical cancellation of the AREZ brand has proved as a minor victory for AMD, especially if we take in consideration of their recent campaign on “Freedom of Choice” which was held against the alleged anti-choice and anti-competitive nature of Nvidia’s GeForce Partner Program(GPP).

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