Group Video Calls Now Easy With Snapchat, Here Is How You Can Do It

Group Video Calls Now Easy With Snapchat, Here Is How You Can Do It

Known for its innovative and convenient features, Snapchat has now introduced a group video calling feature which enables the user to make a group video call with 16 of their friends at the same time and it is way too easy to use as well. Apart from that we can also connect with up to 32 people via voice call.

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The update is said to be launched in a few weeks, it is stated to “make chat even more fun”.

How can we use Snapchat Group Video Calls?

As the basic motive of Snapchat has been the convenience of its users, the new feature is also rather simple to use. If you are already a part of a group, you just have to click on the video camera icon to commence the video call, and it will invite all the participants to join. The other participants have the option to join or decline the call also the feature allows users to join in on an only audio mode or toggle between the audio and video mode and it also allows them to write texts and chats as the call is going on. Or you can also start up a call with a few people and invite new participants.

What else is new?

Apart from making video calls to sixteen people at the same time, Snapchat has also introduced the feature to mention your friends in your story using “@” symbol in their posts. When you post a story with your friend you now have the option to mention them in it, this feature is similar to that present on instagram and facebook, you will just have to mention their username using @ symbol and they will get a notification of your mention.

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How did they introduce the feature to the world

“We designed Chat to feel less like texting and more like hanging out.” Is what the parent company Snap said in a blog post. They also talked about the mention feature in the same email. The basic effort by snapchat is to assure its users that they can now connect at a more personal level via the platform provided by them.

Various Reviews on the new features

While most of the users are excited about the new features, there are a few who are openly bashing about these features on various platforms. They feel that the new feature is useless as it isn’t much desirable by the people and no one in the right mind would actually like to talk to 16 people at once.

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