Instagram is touching millions of hearts day by day and so is the need to maintain security and safety for users. Instagram on a safer note has started blurring out sensitive images shared on its platform.

It has been already been pulling down posts that infringe its community guidelines but there are always photos which don’t technically infringe these rules, and yet possess a sensitive nature.

To handle this image walking on thin lines, the social platform is now adding a blurred screen with a warning which states ‘Sensitive Content’. This basically means that the image has received reports of being offensive by numerous users, but also doesn’t come under the category of a takedown as per Instagram’s guidelines.

Users still have the option to tap on the image to go ahead and view the sensitive content, but this blur filter does add a small layer of protection for users who aren’t looking to get surprised by these unexpected experiences.

Instagram is also working on getting two-factor authentication enabled on all user accounts. With Two-factor authentication forces users to enter a secondary PIN every time you log in to Instagram. This second account can be your email or phone number. This adds an additional layer of security in case the account is hacked.

The two-factor authentication feature earlier was only available to a few, however, now it users looking to enable this can simply hit the gear icon on their profile, and then select the option under ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ to ‘Require Security Code’. Enter the necessary details and you’re good to go.

Instagram is also conducting a Worldwide InstaMeet 15 (WWIM15) on March 25th & 26th to encourage safe and welcoming interaction within the communities. It’s conducting a few InstaMeets in the country too.