iPhone X’s Apple Pay Feature Causing Problems To Suica Users In Japan

iPhone X’s Apple Pay Feature Causing Problems To Suica Users In Japan

A bug found months ago on the iPhone X is causing problems to Suica express transit service users in Japan. For people who do not know about Suica express transit service, it is an NFC enabled fast transit service for people in Japan that is operated by the East Japan Railway Company.

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The bug was first discovered after the launch of the phone in November. A Local blog’s writer called At a distance has been reporting this problem after many social media posts and also encountering it himself. Users have been reporting problems that involve slow response times and the feature outright not working. Users have also experienced the problem at retail shops which accept the Suica card.

Only iPhone X users have reported this problem. The IOS 11.2 update introduced a new problem that involved a flicker in the payment service but it was later corrected in iOS 11.2.5.

Even though it is not confirmed the problem is only limited to the iPhone X and it’s not a hardware problem at the payment terminal.

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Many users have requested a new phone from Apple which has fixed the problem had in many cases but at some Apple stores, users have been told to hold the phone in a different way when passing the terminal.

Earlier too also the Suica users had faced a problem with Apple Pay when it server crashed due to overload in 2016.

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