Lenovo Z5 Battery To Offer 45 Days Of Standby, Teaser Reveals

Lenovo Z5 Battery To Offer 45 Days Of Standby, Teaser Reveals

Lenovo Group VP Chang Cheng recently revealed another information about Lenovo Z5 through Weibo. He claims that Z5 will have 45 days of standby time. He has been regularly dropping teasers on the social networking site. Consequently, building a lot of hype around its upcoming smartphone. Also, lots of expectations are developed among people.

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Earlier, he announced for a smartphone to have 4TB of internal storage space which only became possible because of “particle technology”. With this amount of storage, Cheng claims that the smartphone will be able to hold 2000 HD movies, 150,000 lossless music files, and 1 million photos. He also claims to have a full-screen display with no notch at the top or bottom to house all the sensors. Furthermore, the camera samples leaked recently claimed that the rear camera of the smartphone will also sport an AI dual camera. The latest information released is to have 45 days of standby time. With all these features in a smartphone, I’m sure most us would be looking forward to its release.

These features can catch anyone’s eye. But the main question arises, whether the company would actually live up to it or not. If we apply some mathematics, 45 days of standby time implies to 1080 hours, which is nearly impossible. In addition to that, we are curious to know how long can it survive voice calls, video playback, and Web browsing.

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Lenovo is organizing an event on 14th June 2018. VP Chang Cheng also announces through his recent post that the launch event invitations will unveil soon enough. In the event, it will be clarified how much truth does these teasers hold.

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