Instagram is an internet based photo-sharing application that allows its users to share pictures and videos either publicly or privately. With introducing new features like Polling strikers, Shopify, updating creative tools for stories and improving comment controls now you can also follow hashtags like following accounts of different people.

Instagram has come up with a new update which let its users to follow hashtags that makes it easier to find the content they love. The new update by Instagram was disclosed when Pippa Akram posted in one of her blog post on November 9, 2017 “Ok this is new. What does this do, any ideas? I’ve followed 2 but can’t find what that means!!”

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The idea of this new update is simple. Instagram came with this idea that instead of filling your feed with pictures of specific things like landscapes, portraits, cute puppies, and more by various photographers, you’d be able to follow the hashtag in order to more easily enjoy your feed. Following hashtags could easily let you know what’s hot and new people to follow.

Instagram tried this feature with few people. According to Engadget, Instagram declined to say more when asked about the test by The Next Web, so it’s unclear just how many people have access to the test or how likely it is that you’ll see the feature become a mainstay.
Earlier, the users of Instagram reported an issue regarding the algorithms i.e. algorithm made it difficult to find content that users were interested in.

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Instagram has also tried to overcome this issue by allowing its users to follow hashtags i.e. though, following hashtags probably won’t fix the problem, but might offer partial solution. Instagram brought up this innovation to engage more users and make it easier for the new users who might not know who to follow.