Top 5 Luxury Cars Safety Technology

These days the gadgets and safety technology are as much a part of the decision to buy a new luxury car as the driving experience and engine size – with so many amazing safety features included as standard it’s easy to see why.

There are expectations now that every car will come with some standard safety features such as airbags and ABS braking, all of which have helped to improve survivability in accidents – however new cars are being fitted with more and more impressive safety technology.

From systems which mean the car effectively drives itself on fast straight roads, to programs which allow the car to adjust its own driving position if the driver starts to drift the vehicle across into the next lane, or towards the kerb.

We caught up with Darren of and he gave us a quick round-up of the top five safety technology features to look out for in your next luxury car purchase:

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1) Cruise control which adapts to driving conditions

Many luxury new cars have this type of safety technology built-in as standard. It works through a system of cameras, radar, and sensors around the car. It enables your car to effectively follow the car in front and maintain a safe distance – which is particularly useful on long straight journeys.

It automatically accelerates and brakes to maintain the right speed and if it were to sense a potential collision was about to occur, the car would automatically sense it, apply the brakes and tighten up the seatbelts in preparation for any potential impact.

2) Emergency braking systems

Luxury cars often come fitted with an automatic emergency braking system which uses detection systems to calculate when a potential collision is about to happen. The emergency braking system will automatically apply the emergency brakes and take evasive action.

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The system can react far more quickly than a driver can and is particularly effective if the driver has dozed off or blacked out at the wheel and is, therefore, unable to react to the impending problem. This system has proved incredibly effective at reducing collisions.

3) Lane warning systems

There are two variations on this type of system which are commonly found in luxury cars. The first one gives out a warning signal such as vibrations through the steering wheel or driver’s seat if you start to drift across the lane.

The second type of system works by actually helping to steer the car back into the right location by applying brakes to the side of the car which is drifting and altering the steering to help move the car back into a safe trajectory.

4) Blind spot detection systems

These systems help to show you what you cannot see in your own mirrors or by turning around – the blind spot system will provide a signal that a vehicle or anything else is coming up to the rear or side of your car, so that you can take any necessary action or wait to carry out your chosen maneuver safely. These are particularly useful for changing lanes in busy traffic.

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This system can also be extended to keep children safe by automatically locking the back doors when anything is approaching from the rear, meaning children don’t open the doors when cyclists or another car is coming up.

5) On board cameras

On board, cameras have grown in popularity within the new car market and they can carry out a variety of safety functions. Firstly there are the rear-view cameras which help with parking and reversing maneuvers, allowing the driver to see exactly what is behind their vehicle at any time.

But also, dash-cams are being used frequently to be able to see the road ahead – particularly on a dark night, as well as to record driving incidents and accidents which occur, providing valuable evidence for insurance claims and court cases.

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There are many other impressive safety technologies fitted to luxury cars nowadays – including reactive and automatic headlights which adjust according to road conditions and can turn themselves down when other cars approach – those listed here are just the top five which we happened to choose today.

As technology advances there are more and more safety features being included in cars as standard, or offered as additional purchases, helping to keep our roads safer than ever. One thing is for certain, the luxury car market does often have the latest technology before anyone else.

So if you are looking for a new luxury car, make sure it includes all of the latest safety technology and check out the safety crash test results before committing to a particular brand or model as when it comes to safety issues, not all cars are created equal.

The good thing is that if these items didn’t come as standard with your car, you might well be able to buy them as add-ons and have them installed at a later date.

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