Kodi Addons

Many of you might be thinking what exactly is Kodi Addons? First, let’s talk about, what is Kodi? Kodi is nothing but a free open source media player. It is originally known as XBMC and is regularly updated with new versions. Now talking about Addons, they just give functionality to the Kodi.

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Together, Kodi Addon is a program. The program runs within Kodi. Kodi Addons are in a state of change now and then. Old ones which were considered the best are replaced by new Add-ons.

Below mentioned are top best Kodi Addons list

1. Neptune Rising

It is a Poseidon Fork and is from Blamo repository. Neptune Rising is very much famous for playing movies and TV shows with updated code. Neptune Rising is a fork which is regularly updated and is currently working great.

2. Genesis Reborn

It is also a fork from one of the popular Genesis add-on. It regularly updates its working code. The Genesis Reborn has the same layout and options as Genesis had since it is from the Genesis code. It is continuously updated and is a good addon.

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3. Covenant

Again, Covenant is one of the very popular Addon. The main Repository Colossus shut down the Covenant, which means that the Covenant will not receive any further updates from the Colossus team. However, if you are using Covenant then it will work but if the things break they will not be fixed.

4. Pyramid

The pyramid is also a Kodi Add-on which also plays movies, TV shows, sports and much more and is steadily updated. The Pyramid has recently received a Repository location.

5. Placenta

Blamo and Muad’Dib have come up with new Kodi Add-on, known as Placenta. It is one of another fork with more links and options at one click. It is a fork of Covenant.

6. Incursion

It is a new Kodi addon based on popular Exodus and Covenant plugins launched in 2018. It also has the same layout and features since it is a covenant fork, but works on an updated code.

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7. Maverick TV

Maverick TV is constantly updated and is the much older addon. it consists of a lot of content varying from movies to TV shows to documentaries and music. The video ranges from 4K and 3D to standard definition.

8. Elysium Lite

Noobs and Nerds Repo launched Elysium Lite, which is the much faster version of the main Elysium version. The Elysium Lite consists of categories such as Movies, TV shows, Trakt, Actors, Settings, and search.

9. Supremacy

Supremacy is one of the well-known and a much better addon. It is considered to be the all-in-one addon. It consists of Movies, TV, IPTV, and 4K HD sections. Supremacy tries and finds the best SD and HD links available.

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10. Project M

Project M is also one of the all-in-one addons. Just like Supremacy, Project M also includes IPTV, movies, TV shows and apart from these, it includes music, sports and much more. Project M is updated regularly and works very well.

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