D TechMonkey Solution, the Delhi-based media tech startup which runs TopYaps, has come up with its technology product LAUNCHwith for online video makers in India. Aimed at independent artists and content startups who want to maximize their social media video views and engagement, LAUNCHwith claims to be a powerful tool in solving the content distribution question across the digital space.

“We saw a massive problem of content distribution faced by video creators and MCNs while working with them at individual level,” says TopYaps CEO, Piyush Singh. “Their passion in creating quality video content was overshadowed by the lack of proper distribution and engagement assistance among the right audience. This is what motivated us towards developing a product which could be a one-stop dashboard for every video content creator in India. We hope that LAUNCHwith plays a long role in nurturing and expanding the fast emerging Indian content community.”

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Mukesh Chandra, TechMonkey’s Digital Head, further added, “We are really excited to offer this much-needed tool to video creators across the country which would help them to focus on their core talent of creating engaging content and not worry about the distribution hassles. In short, LAUNCHwith is your key in making your videos viral.” With TopYaps as their flagship product, TechMonkey has been in the content segment for the last four years. For a media startup, they have an enviable engineering talent comprising a handful of engineering and math graduates from IIT Delhi. Employing this expertise, the company built LAUNCHwith for the host of independent talent mushrooming not just in the metro cities but the so-called “real India” as well. If successful, this might just create a network of content entrepreneur generation in India.

The company revealed that the platform would be an open-access, free platform, where creators will have customized dashboard to monitor the performance of their videos with real-time analytics. In addition to this, creators can also boost their video views in a shorter time period on a pay-per-view basis. Currently video creators on YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo can use this platform for their videos. Following LAUNCHwith, the company is planning to release a suite of technology products for media companies in India to help them with content and audience management.

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