TRUSTJACKING - The New iOS Vulnerability

TRUSTJACKING – The New iOS Vulnerability

The Apple iPhone is considered to be utterly immune from hacking attempts or powerful malware intrusions. Although there have been several instances where iPhones were found to be lacking. Apple has always been most secure and reliable but not anymore as the ios security can now be breached easily. “TRUSTJACKING” the termed has been assigned so because the smartphone can be hacked by using a lesser known Wi-Fi feature.

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When one connects their phone to a computer it asks for confirmation in that way you iPhone can easily be accessed by the user of the computer, ones a user authorises a device, they open themselves to serious and persistent attacks while their phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the hacker. The user of the pc can enable iTunes Wi-Fi sync feature which will liberate them to hack into your phone. The researchers at Symantec justified that trusting a wrong computer can land you in great trouble as you may end up being hacked and losing your data. “we discovered this by mistake” said Sharabani. A person connected his iPhone to his pc to get access to it and came to a realisation that he was connected to someone else’s iPhone, his pc was actually connected to a co-workers iPhone who had earlier connected their iPhone to his pc.

What The Hackers Can Do To Your iPhone?

A hacker can easily install malware on the phone, they can actuate a backup to accumulate ones photos, important files, app information sms or iMessages. They can also access the device screen in real-time by initiating screenshot on phone and then sync it to the computer

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How To Secure Your iPhone?

Regrettably there is no way to list down all the trusted computes and revoke access selectively. The way in which one can secure their iPhone and ensure that no unwanted commuter can get access to the data is by clearing the trusted computer list from the phone by going to “SETTINGS > GENERAL > RESET > RESET LOCATION & PRIVACY”, now you need to re-confirm before giving access to any computer.

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