What Is TTY Mode And How To Use It?

What Is TTY Mode And How To Use It?

Many of you have must seen an option in your phone setting’s labeled as TTY mode. There arises a question in many minds that what is this TTY mode and how does it work? In this article, I’ll discuss in detail about the TTY Mode and how can we use this feature. Now, first let us know that what does TTY Mode mean.

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What does TTY Mode mean?

Now, actually what does this TTY mean? TTY stands for TeleTypewriter. This feature is specially meant for assisting deaf and hearing impaired individuals. Nowadays many smartphones come with the function of TTY Mode which connects with the TTY devices. And this allows deaf or hearing impaired people communicate with others using a TTY mode.

This means that if in your phone, there is an option of this TTY mode, then you can easily connect it to a TTY device, and then we can communicate with someone who has a TTY device. The language of TTY is somewhat similar to text messaging. But, there is some difference, the TTY language and protocol are specially meant for instant communication.

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Let take an example, “GA” stands for ‘Go¬† Ahead’. This is basically an abbreviated text form used at the end of the end of the message which signifies that it is other people turn to speak.

To Turn ON TTY Mode

Now, here we discuss how you can enable this feature on this smartphone. You can generally find the TTY mode option on the General or Call settings menu. To turn on, the TTY mode, you need to connect your mobile headset to a TTY device by enabling TTY mode in your smartphone’s settings. So, you just need to enable this options.

But, when you enable this TTY mode feature, then it will not allow opening certain applications on the device. Also, if this function is ON in your device, you cannot receive any non- TTY calls and text messages from others.

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To Turn OFF TTY Mode

In the same way, you can turn OFF this feature, you just have to disable this option from your phone General or Call settings menu. When you disable this TTY mode, then our phone will start behaving normally. But, now you cannot receive any TTY phone calls on your device. Disabling this feature will allow your device to receive normal phone calls and text messaging.

To receive any TTY calls, then you first need to enable this in your phone, then you can only enjoy this feature. You need to turn ON this TTY mode before you make a call.

TTY Mode Variants

There are basically three variants of this TTY available in the smartphones. So, when you are turning ON or OFF this TTY mode, then you will see the three variants of this feature- Full, HCO, VCO. You can select any one of these from there.

  • TTY FULL: Here, enabling this option you are activating text-based communication. So, you will get and send messages by typing when you enable this option.
  • TTY HCO: HCO stands for Hearing Carry Over. Here, enabling this feature you will receive you will receive voice text messaging and you can reply to this by typing message.
  • TTY VCO: VCO stands for Voice Carry Over. This feature will allow you to receive and send the text message by voice.

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So, we can say that this feature is really and is a blessing for the hearing impaired individual. The only disadvantage of this feature is that when you enable this feature many other functions stop functioning. And, it does not permit you to receive any non-TTY call or text message.

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