Xiaomi Launches Kids Electric Toothbrush And Smart Tire Monitoring System For Cars
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Xiaomi Launches Kids Electric Toothbrush And Smart Tire Monitoring System For Cars

Xiaomi is not only manufacturing smartphones, but also a manufacturer of various other items like line socks and towels. The company has recently launched the Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System for cars in China. The smart toothbrush is in crowdsourcing stage, the smart tire pressure monitoring system is available for 349 Yuan (which is approx $50/Rs 3,500). Xiaomi also launched Kids Electric Toothbrush. Though the company has manufactures of mechanical toothbrushes and electrical toothbrushes previously, this is the first electric toothbrush for kids.

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The Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) is to be positioned on the car dashboard. The system includes four tire gauge sensors and the main hub which is a receiver. The pressure and temperature information of all four tires are recorded and sent to the user. This information of tires is then displayed on main Hub.

The system also supports Bluetooth connectivity. Historical data can be viewed by the user wirelessly using a smartphone. The system detects vibration when a car starts, then the system is automatically powered on. The system is in sleep mode, otherwise. The gauge sensors are theft-proof and water-proof, too. The gauge sensors are also light-weight. Solar panels are attached to the main hub for charging and also to provide USB support. An alert will be displayed when there is an air leak. The alert will be also displayed for high temperature and during high and low pressure.

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Soocas kid’s electric toothbrush, it is priced at 169 Yuan (which is approx $25/Rs 1,700). The company might start shipping of electric toothbrush by end of next month. The toothbrush is made up of food grade materials only. It is completely safe for kids above 3 years of age. The body of a toothbrush is green in color and has cartoon characters on it. The brush also has removable plastic panels.

An interactive app is introduced for kids. The app helps kids to brush their teeth. A 2-min video demonstrates how to use the electric toothbrush. The app also rewards kids depending on duration and frequency of brushing teeth. The alert is generated when kids put more pressure on teeth. The toothbrush is IPX7 certified. It can be washed with water. It takes approx. 12 hours to charge from scratch. Once fully charged, it can be used for 20 days.

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