Zebronics, a Chennai based company of Audio/Video and related products and IT peripherals had launched its first consumer-oriented virtual-reality 3D headset early in 2016.The Zebronics ZEB-VR headset comes in black color with blue rims and is priced at Rs. 1600.
Zebronic’s ZEB-VR Headset has applications for gaming, medical field, entertainment, education, and more; offering a whole new world of reality with ultra immersive experience.

What is VR?

Technology has taken a bigger step towards virtual world. Virtual reality is simulated world/reality made more immersive with 3D. It takes you in the world of fantasy. The VR works in 360 degree view of a object, place or games designed in such a way that it makes you feel you are into it. The sound and 3D makes you feel that you are in that world, virtually.

The handset mount has a magnetic lock with adjustable front cover that keeps the smartphone in place in front of the lenses.The ZEB-VR comes with magnet toggle switch that enables the users to interact with the mobile phone VR application. The Zebronics consumer-oriented virtual-reality headset allows the users to jump into the world of VR gaming and entertainment – best combined with Zebronic’s ZEB-75WG Bluetooth Gamepad. The use of ZEB-75WG Bluetooth Gamepad takes the VR gaming experience to the whole new next level.


Weighs just 103 grams
Adjustable focal length & pupil distance of eye
Extra soft contact pad resist user from being tire
Powerful magnet trigger, compatible with Google cardboard
Availability of more games from the Oculus VR App store or App store
More comfortable and durable, enough size for wearing glasses


Experience the ultra-immersive VR game
Enjoy the 3D movies
360º panoramic views live, games, video and images